PlayerZero uses connectors to quickly connect and build visiblity to the different parts of your engineering, product, and business. Most of these connectors are OAuth and API based and therefore require minimal setup.

We train our models on data that you’re already capturing.

PlayerZero connects to your existing engineering and support stack to quickly train on past data and continuously refine its connection between customer production states and engineering systems. We have 100+ API connections to most tools and can bootstrap our models in less than a few hours for large enterprises.

  1. Engineering
    1. Connect to a code base (GitHub, Azure, GitLab, etc.)
    2. Stream logs and observability data (DataDog, Chronosphere, Splunk, etc.)
  2. Tickets & Customer Behavior
    1. External Customer Tickets (ServiceNow, Zendesk, Salesforce, etc.)
    2. Internal Product Ticketing (Jira, Linear, etc.)
    3. User analytics and behavior data (Mixpanel, Amplitude, Segment, etc.)

PlayerZero is effective for your organization because it’s trained on your historical data. Use one of the 100+ integrations, or our custom SDKs to port historical data to get started. For many, PlayerZero is actionable and ready to use within a day.

We believe that leverage in the AI era will be created by companies who can operationalize data intensive systems — and that’s what we’re good at doing, quickly. 5. Error Monitoring & Telemetry