GitHub is a cloud-based Git repository hosting service to store and manage source code, with tools for collaboration.

Supported Github Products

  • GitHub Free
  • GitHub Team
  • GitHub Enterprise Cloud
  • GitHub Enterprise Server

Code Connectors

Code integrations enable PlayerZero to become a part of your development and release process. They are critical to helping us:

  • The nature of your code and product
  • Understand what code is being changed and by whom
  • Listen for the creation of pull or merge requests to start analyzing risk
  • Understand when a new release is created


  1. From the PlayerZero web app, navigate to the home page.
  2. Select the Github connector under the Git Repository section
  3. Login to your Github account associated with the repositories you wish to connect.
  4. Select the repositories you would like to connect to PlayerZero. This will pull in all historical changes and monitor for changes in code for this particular repo moving forward.

Once you connect your provider account you will be prompted to select the specific repositories that you wish to grant access to. PlayerZero will not view or import repository data until explicitly given permission to do so.