Point PlayerZero to an S3 bucket that we can use for our persistent file storage. This ensures the code and devtools resources we’re processing is persisted within your network, often for compliance purposes. Note: This feature is only supported on Enterprise Plans.

This architecture allows PlayerZero to read and write potentially sensitive data through your servers, ensuring that your code remains on your property and is not stored on our systems. You retain full control over security, access, and disk-level encryption. For the purposes of this guide, we will focus on the AWS cloud setup using the UI. If you do not use Amazon AWS / S3, we recommend setting up a Minio server as a emulated S3 file system hosted on your network.

S3 Bucket

To minimize latency, we recommend creating your S3 bucket in the us-east-1 region, as our systems are currently located there. However, your bucket can be located anywhere, and we plan to expand our geographical presence in the future.

Creating the bucket

Name the bucket according to your own business standards. For this example, we will name it demo-pz-code-sharing.


Name the bucket

Set it to be a general purpose bucket. Configuration


Access Controls

ACLs disabled (recommended) AccessControls


Disable bucket versioning

If data is deleted, it can be recreated from scratch.


Default encryption

Enable default encryption with server-side encryption according to the security policies specified by your organization. In this example, we will use the default. Encryption


Disable Object Lock

We require that Object Lock be disabled, as enabling it will greatly reduce performance. ObjectLock


Finish creating the bucket

Now that we completed creating the bucket, now we need to create an API token to give PlayerZero to read and write.

Create an API Token


Create a new user group

Using the IAM console, create a new user group called playerzero. Add your API user to this group if one already exists, or create a new user as described below.


Set Permission Policy

For the permission policy, add the AmazonS3FullAccess policy to this group. This will grant PlayerZero full access to your S3 bucket. Permission Policy


Create a New User

Create a new user called playerzero-api to easily manage access and restrictions without affecting other users or systems. Do not grant this user access to the Management Console. New User


Associate User Group

Associate the playerzero-api user with the appropriate user group playerzero containing the AmazonS3FullAccess policy.


Create Access Key

Edit the newly created playerzero-api user and click on the Create access key link in the summary box. Create an access key for an application running outside AWS to use. Access Key Access Key


Provide a Description

Provide an appropriate description, such as PlayerZero Access, and create the access key.


Obtain Access Keys

You will be shown a screen with the Access Key and the Secret Access Key. It is not possible to obtain the secret key after this screen. Copy both keys and share them with PlayerZero securely. Access Key