Will PlayerZero have a negligible impact on my site’s performance?


The PlayerZero snippet will have a negligible impact on your site’s performance.

Is the PlayerZero snippet large?

Nope! In fact, it is about 105 KB, which is smaller than most web resources.

How does PlayerZero record data? Is there a lot of slow computation required?

We utilize event listeners and observers to detect user interactions, console logs/errors, network requests, and more! To avoid any potential slowdown in these areas, our system is designed to simply record the data as it happens and perform more involved processing later on. In fact, a large portion of our algorithms either run on the server side or are scheduled to run during idle periods of the browser so that it is completely imperceivable to the user.

What is the impact of event processing, uploading data, or more involved tasks?

The majority of the time we are simply collecting data (that resolves itself in fractions of a millisecond), but at times we need to do additional processing or uploading of the data. However, even these more complex functions have been engineered to resolve quickly and the majority of executions resolve in a few milliseconds with 0 total blocking time.

You can see a list of the longest function calls from a session on a popular ecommerce site on the right.

When it comes to the upload, we’ve spent a lot of time ensuring our process doesn’t impact the user. Most of the time, our communications with PlayerZero servers contain a small amount of data, which allows our server to perform more complex algorithms and return results asynchronously. And when we need to upload entire sessions, our approach utilizes efficiencies such as input streams and compressed resources to seamlessly transfer data.

What if the PlayerZero snippet errors in my application?

In the unlikely event that our data collection system errors, we prevent any impact on your own site or the capturing of irrelevant data and instantly report the necessary information to our engineering team. Because of this, we have consistently improved our data collection system, without any effect on the end user.

Will the PlayerZero script loading impact my site?

Not at all! Our snippet loads asynchronously, so it will not delay the rendering or interactivity of your site.