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Stop onboarding churn before it steals your customers.

Build deeper customer relationships.

Focus on the most valuable opportunities for expansion.

Stop the drop

It all starts with onboarding

B2B applications can’t afford to lose conversions due to onboarding churn. The first step to resolving an incident is knowing it exists — we help you find the root cause of onboarding drop off before it has a chance to damage your bottom line.

Learn more about how we help organizations reduce onboarding churn.
Complete applicant Journey
Gyfted’s hiring platform relies on a streamlined application process to create optimized matches between applicants and employers.
Time to upload video
Cyrano leverages a white-glove customer success process to increase engagement and life-time buy-in from its users.
Accounts created
An increase in conversions during the account setup process leads to huge top-line benefits for Fintech businesses like MaxRewards.
Build customer love

Identify who’s affected

By correlating your product analytics data and engineering observability, we surface the incidents that are ruining your users’ experience and tell you exactly who was affected. Proactively manage the right relationships at the right time to increase retention and drive customer love.

Learn more about how we surface the issues that really matter.

Case Study: Improving customer retention with PlayerZero

Cyrano leveraged PlayerZero to decrease the average time users spent uploading new media to their site by 5%, drastically improving their user experience and leading to a major increase in retention.

Learn more about how PlayerZero helped Cyrano boost their customer retention.
"I have never worked at an organization where Engineering and Success have been so in-sync, and it's all because of PlayerZero. We can prioritize real issues that are affecting our users without any unnecessary friction."
Customer Success Lead @ Cyrano
Matt Gillette
Focus on what matters

Align engineering with revenue

In the world of B2B applications, not all customers need an all-hands-on-deck approach. Now, you can prioritize fixes based on the size of the account experiencing an incident. Quantify the incident’s impact using actual sales data with our connectors and prioritize patches based on revenue implications rather than gut feeling. This is your new framework for ensuring that the most valuable expansion opportunities in your CRM get the white glove experience in your product.

Explore our connectors to learn more about how we help you quantify the revenue impact of incidents

“I know who to reach out to and when to reach out to them. We can quickly prioritize real issues that are affecting our users so easily now.”
- Marc Braun, Customer Success

Empower your users

Give your users a voice with manual uploads

PlayerZero gives end users the ability to easily flag an incident in an application, and provide it a human voice. What went wrong? What were they trying to achieve? Incident reporters can deliver issues more confidently, and incident receivers will have everything they need to solve the problem and keep moving forward.

Learn more about how we empower end users with manual uploads.

Leverage your data to unlock growth

PlayerZero unites product, customer, and engineering data to tell a complete story about every incident.