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The 50 best AI tools for product managers

In the ever-evolving world of product management, the integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) tools into your workflow is not just an advantage—it's a game changer. These powerful technologies are adept at automating mundane tasks, freeing up valuable time for you to concentrate on more impactful, creative, and urgent projects. They also provide a platform for honing your skills and bridging the gap in professional expertise—particularly for those less versed in coding.

By harnessing the power of these tools, product managers are able to streamline their workflows, enhance team performance, and consistently deliver products that meet the needs of stakeholders.

Debug any issue down to the line of code
and make sure it never happens again.

However, in this era of AI hype, it's easy to get swamped by the insane proliferation of AI tools, from bizarre applications like AI-generated Balenciaga ads, to the seemingly never-ending rise of ChatGPT. But worry not—we're here to help you navigate through this sea of AI innovations. The goal is not to latch onto every AI trend, but to identify the most reliable, user-friendly, and above all, useful tools that can genuinely enhance your productivity and simplify your life.

In the spirit of this, we've curated the definitive list of the top 50 AI tools that we believe will make the most significant difference in your product management work. This includes a diverse range of AI-powered product management software, intelligent automation tools, and predictive analytics platforms. Get ready to revolutionize your workflow and propel your team to new heights of success. Oh, by the way, this article was written by our head of marketing Max as a cross-post with his newsletter/podcast Future of Product - if you’re into AI and product management, this is the community for you.

The best AI tools for product management

🤖 PlayerZero

Functional category - product intelligence

The product - PlayerZero is a comprehensive real-time product experience monitoring platform that leverages a unique combination of analytics and engineering data. It provides an in-depth look into the behavior and experiences of your users, highlighting root causes of issues as they occur. By syncing your product analytics data with engineering observability, PlayerZero helps you understand the full context behind every user outcome. The platform not only prioritizes initiatives that propel your business forward but also equips your team with all necessary data to diagnose and address problems. Moreover, it empowers you to manage relationships proactively, increasing retention, and ensuring the real-time status of your users.

The use case - for product managers striving to enhance user experience, PlayerZero is an invaluable tool. Imagine you are launching a new feature in your product. With PlayerZero, you can monitor the user interactions with this feature in real time, understand their behavior leading up to any issues, and see what was happening behind the scenes from an engineering perspective. This real-time monitoring allows you to identify and address any potential hiccups as soon as they occur, preventing a small glitch from turning into a widespread problem. Furthermore, the engineering data provided by PlayerZero can help you coordinate a strong, well-informed response, ensuring that you fix the issue swiftly and effectively. PlayerZero not only helps you improve your product, but also allows you to measure the success of your efforts, providing valuable insights to drive your product strategy forward. Its got all of the insights of product analytics, all the actionability of monitoring, all in a format that anyone - technical or not, can get a ton of value from.

✅ Checklist

Functional category - task management

The product - Checklist is an AI-driven task management tool built for teams, offering a unique combination of features to enhance productivity and ensure smooth execution of tasks. Its user-friendly interface simplifies the creation, allocation, and tracking of tasks, making it easy for teams to stay organized and focused. In addition, Checklist includes functionalities such as dependencies, sub-tasks, and notifications, all designed to ensure that no task falls through the cracks. With Checklist, teams can collaborate effectively, prioritize work, and stay updated on project progress in real time.

The use case

- As a product manager, you're juggling multiple tasks and projects at once, and Checklist can be instrumental in managing these effectively. For instance, when planning a new product feature, you can create a detailed task list that breaks down the feature into manageable sub-tasks, set dependencies to ensure tasks are completed in the correct order, and assign tasks to different team members. Checklist's real-time notifications keep you updated on task progress, enabling you to quickly address any issues or bottlenecks. Moreover, with Checklist's collaboration features, you can easily communicate with your team, share updates, and collect feedback, all within the platform.

💦 Dewstack

Functional category - documentation builder

The product - Dewstack is a comprehensive platform designed to help you create, manage, and host intelligent, real-time documentation that enhances user engagement and promotes self-service. With Dewstack, you can craft effective product docs and improve comprehension through their instant answers widget. This widget allows users to access information swiftly by typing a query. The platform's SmartDocs feature searches your documentation and provides accurate, relevant answers in real time. Additionally, Dewstack's AI-driven Q&A chatbot can be embedded on your site or as an iframe, providing instant assistance and reducing your team's workload. For a seamless transition, Dewstack allows you to import your existing content using PDF, Docx, Markdown, HTML or Zip file and transform them into an interactive knowledge base.

The use case - Dewstack could be a critical tool for managing product documentation and enhancing user engagement. Instead of fielding the same questions repeatedly from users, you can use Dewstack to create a dynamic, intelligent doc that provides instant answers to common user queries. This not only frees up time for your team but also provides users with immediate, accurate information, improving their experience and satisfaction with your product. Moreover, the AI-driven Q&A chatbot can be used to offer instant assistance, which can be particularly useful during product launches or updates when user queries peak. As a product manager, the ability to import existing content into Dewstack also means that you can streamline the process of updating your product documentation, making it more interactive and easier for your users to understand and navigate.

✔️ Originality AI

Functional category - AI/plagiarism detector

The product - Originality AI is a highly accurate AI content detector and plagiarism checker designed to meet the specific needs of content publishers, agencies, and website owners. The tool offers unique features such as team management, scan history by user, and AI writing detection. It stands out in the market with its AI's ability to accurately detect if content was created by popular AI writers, including GPT variants, with success rates as high as 99% for GPT-4 content. With a comparatively low cost of $0.01 per 100 words scanned, users can add unlimited team members, unlimited websites, and conduct unlimited scans, detecting both plagiarism and AI-generated conten​t that could get them flagged by Google.

The use case - if you’re a product manager who’s responsible for overseeing content creation, Originality AI can be integrated into your workflow to ensure the originality and authenticity of your content. If your product involves a large amount of text, such as an online learning platform with multiple courses, Originality AI can be used to verify that content created by your team or outsourced to freelancers is original and not generated by AI. The team management function and activity history can provide accountability and traceability, making it easier to manage a large team and verify that original content is being produced. Moreover, if you're considering purchasing a website or content platform as part of your product expansion, the soon-to-come full site scan feature will allow you to assess a site's plagiarism and AI content risk quickly and comprehensively. Furthermore, the tool offers an API for integration into custom content creation workflows or tools, helping you maintain the integrity of your content at scal​e.

💼 My AskAI

Functional category - custom-trained chatbot

The product - My AskAI is a versatile AI chatbot platform that allows businesses to create custom chatbots using their own content, without any coding required. It leverages advanced Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning (ML) algorithms to provide accurate and relevant responses based on user inquiries. A standout feature of My AskAI is its ability to learn from uploaded data, enhancing its response accuracy and usefulness over time. Additionally, My AskAI is designed with a user-friendly setup process and offers various sharing options, including links, chatbots, and integrations with Slack and Microsoft Teams.

The use case - My AskAI can be a game changer for product managers looking to streamline their customer support processes or enhance internal communication and productivity. For instance, a product manager can utilize My AskAI to automate repetitive customer queries, freeing up time for their customer support team to handle more complex issues. Moreover, it can be used to make a large amount of data searchable, allowing product managers to quickly pull out relevant information from vast datasets. This can be particularly useful when conducting competitor analysis, market research, or tracking product performance metrics. The chatbot's ability to learn from past interactions and perform sentiment analysis can provide valuable insights into customer feedback, aiding in product iteration and improvement. Lastly, its seamless integration with platforms like Slack or Microsoft Teams can facilitate internal communication, making it easier for product managers to disseminate important information or updates to their team​.

⏭️ Skipit AI

Functional category - YouTube/PDF/website/article summarizer

The product - Skipit AI offers a powerful tool for efficient content processing and summarization. It's designed to save countless hours by summarizing YouTube videos, PDFs, websites, and articles with one click, aiming to make users more productive. Simply copy and paste the link into Skipit's interface, ask questions about the content, and share the summary with friends or colleagues to save everyone's time. The product offers a free tier and a premium tier at $9/month. The premium tier provides faster AI responses, unlimited messages, a prompt library, saved chat history, and the ability to export chat, and it allows users to process longer YouTube videos and larger PDFs, along with unlimited website conten​t.

The use case - if you often have to digest large amounts of content to keep up with industry trends, monitor competitors, or research customer needs, Skipit AI could be a game-changer. Instead of spending hours reading lengthy articles, reports, or watching videos, you could use Skipit to create concise summaries, allowing you to quickly understand the key points and make informed decisions more efficiently. You can also use the exported summaries to share critical insights with your team or stakeholders, fostering more effective communication and collaboration. Additionally, the unlimited messages feature can help facilitate brainstorming sessions around the product's direction based on the summarized content, enhancing the overall product development proces​s.

🔬 Nanonets

Functional category - data extraction

The product - Nanonets is an AI-powered data extraction tool that offers robust and customizable OCR capabilities, tailored to your specific business needs. With its machine learning technology, it can automatically identify and extract data from various sources such as invoices, receipts, and other documents. The extracted data can be seamlessly integrated into your existing workflows thanks to its multiple pre-built integrations with popular software such as Salesforce, Slack, and more. Nanonets is trusted by several reputable companies for their data extraction needs.

The use case - if you're dealing with a high volume of customer feedback forms in various formats, and the manual data extraction process is proving to be time-consuming and error-prone, Nanonets could be super useful. With Nanonets, you can automate this process, ensuring consistency and accuracy in the data extracted, allowing you to focus on analyzing the feedback to drive product improvements. Furthermore, Nanonets' ability to integrate with other platforms means that the extracted data can be automatically fed into your CRM or data analysis tools, enabling real-time insights and faster decision-making.

🎯 Poised

Functional category - AI communication coach

The product - Poised is a real-time conversational feedback tool that empowers individuals to improve their communication skills. The platform provides instant feedback on various aspects of live speech, such as word usage, filler words, confidence, energy, and empathy. With its intelligent alert system, users can get personalized alerts adapted to their environment. The tool offers customization features allowing users to select specific meters and focus on improving a few aspects at a time. Additionally, Poised offers trend analysis features, allowing users to track their progress and analyze speech trends over time, providing key insights for improvemen​t.

The use case - for product managers who frequently communicate with teams, stakeholders, and customers, Poised can be an invaluable tool. It can help in refining the clarity and effectiveness of their verbal communication during presentations, team meetings, or stakeholder discussions. For instance, a product manager can use Poised to receive real-time feedback during a product demo to a client, helping them to adjust their speech, eliminate overused filler words, and convey their points with more confidence and empathy. Moreover, the trend analysis feature can help product managers monitor and evaluate their communication improvements over time, further refining their communication skills and leading to more effective product presentations and team interaction​s.

📫 Sanebox

Functional category - email management AI

The product - SaneBox is an AI-powered email management solution that's designed to help you regain control of your inbox. It features advanced filtering capabilities to automatically sort your emails into relevant categories, like "SaneLater" for less important emails and "SaneNews" for newsletters and subscriptions. Additional features include "SaneReminders" for sending follow-up reminders, "SaneBlackHole" for automatically deleting certain types of emails, and "SaneAttachments" for managing file attachments. Trusted by several top companies, SaneBox can be integrated with a wide range of email clients and offers various deployment options including web, iOS, and Android platforms.

The use case - if you’re constantly flooded with emails, SaneBox could be a significant time-saver. Imagine you're managing multiple products and each comes with its own set of stakeholders, from engineers to marketing to upper management. Each group has its own communication stream, and important emails can easily get lost in the noise. SaneBox can help you categorize these emails automatically, ensuring that critical updates from your team or urgent requests from stakeholders aren’t buried under a pile of newsletters or less important emails. Additionally, with features like "SaneReminders", you can set up follow-ups on important emails, ensuring that nothing falls through the cracks. This could lead to more efficient communication management, better stakeholder relationships, and ultimately, more effective product management.


Functional category - PDF data extraction

The product - PDF AI provides an innovative solution for automating PDF document analysis processes. It employs machine learning and natural language processing to extract, summarize, and analyze data from PDF documents. From recognizing and categorizing different types of documents to extracting relevant information, the platform streamlines and automates complex data extraction tasks. Its applications range from invoice processing, contract analysis, and form extraction, to data extraction from financial and legal documents, making it a versatile tool for businesses in various sectors.

The use case - handling and processing large volumes of data from different document types can be a time-consuming task. This is where PDF AI can prove to be invaluable. Suppose you're launching a new product and need to analyze multiple market research reports to understand the competitive landscape. Instead of manually reading each report, PDF AI can automatically extract key insights, saving you time and ensuring accuracy. Similarly, during the legal review of a product, the platform can help by extracting key clauses from contracts or terms of service documents, assisting in risk assessment.

📘 Sheet AI

Functional category - spreadsheet helper

The product - Sheet AI is a no-code, Google Sheets-based platform designed to supercharge your spreadsheets with AI automation. With a robust set of features including workflow automation, integration with business applications, real-time reporting, and mobile access, Sheet AI is transforming the way businesses handle their spreadsheet data. The platform is cloud-native, so there's no need for installations, and it’s quite easy to use, allowing non-technical users to manage workflows effectively. Also, it integrates with popular productivity tools such as Slack and Teamwork Desk, providing a seamless workflow experience for users.

The use case - for a product manager dealing with large amounts of data in spreadsheets, Sheet AI could be a game-changer. On a day-to-day basis, it can reduce the time spent on data entry, automating repetitive tasks and making room for more strategic work. When creating reports or customer-facing documents, the document generation feature of Sheet AI can be used to compile comprehensive, professional documents in less time. The collaborative workspace can enhance cross-functional collaborations, making it easier to work with different teams and stakeholders on product planning and strategy. Do everything from sanitizing data to generating text and predicting values without becoming a Google Sheets expert.

🖊️ Scribe

Functional category - process documentation tool

The product - Scribe is an intelligent documentation tool designed to streamline the process of creating and sharing step-by-step guides for a variety of tasks. It offers a smart capture feature that can automatically generate guides from recorded activities, reducing the time it takes to create process documents or Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) by up to 93 percent. Scribe also has an intuitive interface for editing the generated guides, allowing users to add extra details or notes as required.

The use case - for product managers, Scribe could be a critical tool for enhancing operational efficiency and promoting knowledge sharing within a product team. For instance, when implementing a new feature or product, a product manager could use Scribe How to quickly record the process and generate a comprehensive guide for both internal stakeholders and external users. This guide can then be shared with the development team, ensuring everyone understands the new feature's specifications and reducing the need for repeated explanations. Additionally, Scribe could be used to create onboarding materials for new team members and users, decreasing ramp-up time and ensuring consistency in understanding and following team processes/retention. When rolling out new tools or technologies within a team, Scribe can support the change management process by providing easily accessible, visual, and step-by-step training guides, boosting the adoption rate and utilization of new tool​s.

💬 PromptPal

Functional category - prompt library

The product - PromptPal is a library of proven-effective LLM prompts that can help speed up your generative AI workflow. Sometimes, prompting can be nearly as time-consuming and just as frustrating as simply doing a task yourself - PromptPal simplifies the process so you don’t have to re-write your prompt a thousand times to accomplish a goal, instead, start with the goal and simply find the most effective prompt on the platform to accomplish it.

The use case - PMs often need to brainstorm new ideas for product features or improvements. PromptPal can be used to generate prompts that stimulate creative thinking and provide fresh perspectives. By exploring various prompts on the platform, product managers can quickly generate a range of ideas to fuel innovation. PromptPal can also aid in conducting market research by generating prompts that delve into market trends, customer preferences, and competitor analysis. Product managers can use these prompts to gather insights, identify gaps in the market, and discover potential opportunities to differentiate their products or services.

📋 Process Street

Functional category - process management

The product - Process Street offers an AI-powered workflow management platform that simplifies process management. With key features like task assignments, approvals, conditional logic, automations, forms, data sets, and pages, Process Street provides a user-friendly, no-code platform that allows for the creation, tracking, automation, and completion of tasks to streamline processes and improve efficiency. The platform's AI-driven workflow design adapts to your business's unique operational qualities over time. It integrates with a wide range of tools like Salesforce, Slack, Microsoft Teams, Google Sheets, Jira, and many more, helping foster seamless workflow management across different platform​s.

The use case - for product managers seeking to streamline operations, Process Street could be a powerful tool. It allows product teams to create and follow step-by-step workflows for various processes, ensuring consistent adherence to procedures and minimizing costly human errors. The platform's ability to automate repetitive tasks using generative AI and built-in integration tools can significantly reduce human labor, freeing up valuable time and resources for more strategic initiative​s. Moreover, Process Street’s powerful analytics features provide a way to make data-driven decisions by tracking key performance indicators (KPIs) and monitoring efficiency throughout processe​s. This platform fosters efficient knowledge sharing, helps break down information silos, and ensures that everyone on your product team has access to necessary team knowledg​e. With Process Street, product managers can effectively manage their workflows, optimize team productivity, and enhance decision-making capabilities.

📊 Excel Formula Bot

Functional category - spreadsheet helper

The product - Formula Bot is a powerful tool designed to simplify and automate data analysis tasks for product managers by turning text instructions into Excel formulas. With its natural language interface and extensive library of pre-built formulas and functions, Formula Bot enables product managers to quickly analyze data, generate insights, and make data-driven decisions without spending hours googling formulas.

The use case - for product managers seeking to streamline their data analysis processes, Formula Bot provides a user-friendly solution. With its library of pre-built formulas and functions, product managers can easily perform calculations, manipulate data, and generate actionable insights. The platform allows for seamless integration with popular data sources, enabling product managers to access and analyze data from multiple systems in one place. By leveraging Formula Bot, product managers can accelerate their data analysis tasks, gain deeper insights into product performance, and make informed decisions to drive product success.

Equals AI

Functional category - spreadsheet helper

The product - Equals AI is an AI-powered platform that offers a range of intelligent automation capabilities to streamline and optimize business processes. With its advanced AI algorithms and machine learning capabilities, Equals AI empowers product managers to automate repetitive spreadsheet tasks, extract insights from data, and make more data-driven decisions. It empowers you to always have the right formula at your fingertips.

The use case - for product managers looking to enhance their data analysis productivity, Equals AI provides a powerful solution. By leveraging its AI-driven automation capabilities, product managers can automate time-consuming and repetitive tasks, freeing up valuable time for more strategic initiatives. Additionally, Equals AI's data analysis features enable product managers to extract valuable insights from large datasets, empowering them to make better informed decisions and identify opportunities for product improvement. Use it to generate formulas, write SQL, summarize data, correct functions that aren’t performing properly and more. Plus, with their new Amplitude integration, you can manipulate your product analytics data easily alongside the rest of your data.

📱 Simple Phones

Functional category - customer phone support

The product - SimplePhones AI is an AI-driven solution that empowers product managers to optimize their customer support and enhance the overall user experience. It leverages AI technologies to automate phone conversations, analyze customer interactions, and provide actionable insights for product improvement. With its comprehensive features, SimplePhones AI offers a robust platform for transforming customer support processes and driving customer satisfaction.

The use case - if you’re seeking to enhance customer support, SimplePhones AI could be an invaluable tool. By automating phone conversations, the platform frees up valuable time and resources, enabling product managers to focus on strategic initiatives. SimplePhones AI also analyzes customer interactions, providing valuable insights into user preferences, pain points, and product feedback. Futhermore, you can add your website or FAQ documents to your AI agent so it can answer questions about your content contextually - effectively replacing the need for a call center or physical phone support person.

9️⃣ Tabnine

Functional category - coding helper

The product - Tabnine is an AI-powered code completion tool that elevates the coding process to new levels of efficiency and accuracy. It offers a range of features such as AI-powered coding, support for multiple programming languages, built-in code reviews, snippet and template generation, integration with popular IDEs, and customization. Whether you're coding in Python, Java, JS, HTML, CSS, or PHP, Tabnine ensures that you're covered.

The use case - for anyone looking to improve their coding productivity and code quality, Tabnine could be a game-changer. Whether it's leveraging AI to predict line completions, using built-in code reviews to ensure adherence to best practices, or generating snippets and templates to save time, Tabnine's toolset can turbocharge the coding process. Its ability to integrate seamlessly with popular IDEs means it can easily fit into your existing development environment. This could lead to more efficient code production, improved code quality, and ultimately, more robust and reliable software applications.

🌐 Browse AI

Functional category - web scraper

The product - Browse AI is a tool specifically designed to automate the process of web data extraction and monitoring. The solution allows users to scrape various kinds of data from websites and set up alerts for any changes on these web pages. The tool supports a broad range of integrations, including popular data storage and analysis tools such as Google Sheets, Excel, Airtable, and more. With its advanced capabilities to handle JavaScript rendering and CAPTCHAs, it requires no code to use and is packaged with a flexible pricing structure based on "credits".

The use case - by automating the data extraction process, it can save hours of manual web scraping and data collection, freeing up valuable time for strategic planning and decision-making. Whether you're monitoring competitor websites, tracking changes in the market, or analyzing user behavior, Browse AI’s platform can accelerate your data-driven decision-making process. Its robust capabilities and seamless integrations mean it can be effectively incorporated into your product management workflow, helping you to make more informed and timely decisions based on accurate, real-time data.

⏲️ Hexowatch (from Hexact)

Functional category - web scraper

The product - Hexowatch is a powerful website monitoring and automation platform designed to empower product managers in managing their online presence effectively or more effectively keeping up with competitors. With its comprehensive set of features including website uptime monitoring, visual change detection, content extraction, and automated workflows, Hexowatch provides product managers with the tools they need to proactively monitor their websites, track changes, extract valuable data, and automate repetitive tasks.

The use case - for PMs responsible for overseeing the performance and user experience of their company's website, Hexowatch is super valuable. It enables you to stay on top of website changes on your own website or your competitors. By detecting visual changes, product managers can quickly identify changes in market conditions, pricing, or pivots that their competitors have made to messaging or feature sets. The content extraction feature allows product managers to extract data from web pages, enabling them to gather insights and make data-driven decisions when it comes to competitor intelligence.

🔺 Hexometer (from Hexact)

Functional category - website monitoring

The product - Hexometer is an AI sidekick that offers 24/7 website monitoring to catch problems before they impact businesses. It provides comprehensive monitoring across six core areas: availability, performance, user experience, health, SEO, and security. The platform operates in the cloud, requiring no software installation or code changes, allowing for rapid setup and comprehensive site-wide peace of mind. Hexometer is designed for eCommerce businesses and is widely used by agencies, offering alerts via email, SMS, Telegram, Discord, Slack, Trello, or integration with over 1000 apps through 3rd party services.

The use case - Hexometer is an essential tool for businesses that rely heavily on their website's performance and security. It's particularly useful for eCommerce businesses and digital agencies that want to ensure an optimal user experience, as well as efficient and secure website operation. With features like availability monitoring, UX monitoring, performance monitoring, health monitoring, SEO monitoring, and security monitoring, Hexometer is like having a personal QA team for your website. Whether it's identifying slow or broken pages, monitoring uptime and HTTP response time, catching spelling or grammar mistakes, checking how pages display on different device types, or continuously monitoring for SEO and security issues, Hexometer provides a comprehensive solution to keep your website running optimally and securely. This can lead to improved user experience, enhanced website performance, improved SEO rankings, and increased overall business efficienc​y.

💡 InsightBase

Functional category - business intelligence

The product - InsightBase is an AI company that offers no-code AI-driven business intelligence insights. With its natural language queries, it streamlines users’ interactions with databases and gets rid of the need for SQL queries or data science expertise. Its key features include powerful dashboards that update automatically, an easy and quick configuration process, and support for a variety of databases. This makes InsightBase an accessible and potent tool for businesses looking for a hassle-free way to utilize their data, assuming that all of their relevant data is in a database.

The use case - InsightBase is ideal for anyone who wants to harness their database without the complexities of traditional data science. Whether it's querying business performance metrics, forecasting sales, or analyzing customer behavior, InsightBase's natural language query system delivers results in seconds. The ability to create interactive dashboards and share data insights with team members makes it an effective tool for collaborative decision making. Its broad support for various databases also ensures seamless integration with different data sources. InsightBase, therefore, could pave the way for businesses to become more data-driven, improve operational efficiency, and foster informed decision-making processes.

📈 Botanalytics

Functional category - chatbot analytics

The product - Botanalytics is a comprehensive analytics platform designed to elevate the performance of chatbots across multiple platforms. It offers an array of analytics tools, including measurable KPIs, trackable funnels, and broadcast messaging tools, which are crucial for optimizing chatbot performance. With support for more than 12 chatbot platforms, Botanalytics ensures compatibility with diverse bot ecosystems. The multi-user feature enables shared access, promoting collaborative analysis among team members.

The use case - for product managers striving to enhance their chatbot offerings, Botanalytics is an invaluable tool. By providing detailed insights into bot performance, engagement, and retention rates, it enables product managers to make data-driven decisions to improve their bots. With its multi-user feature, it facilitates a collaborative approach to analytics, allowing product managers, developers, and stakeholders to work together to optimize bot performance. By leveraging Botanalytics, product managers can enhance the user experience, improve customer satisfaction, and drive their product's succes​s.

AI Camp

Functional category - AI learning platform

The product - AI Camp is an educational platform striving to democratize AI by making it accessible to all developers. They offer a range of live and on-demand learning resources including webinars, workshops, and live courses, which can be accessed from anywhere at any tim​e. These educational programs are delivered by top practitioners in the AI field, including graduates from Stanford and CMU, offering a comprehensive learning experience that focuses on building real AI products that can be used by real peopl​e. With a progression of educational levels, from an introductory course to a paid internship program at top companies for top-performing students, AI Camp provides a complete learning journey for those interested in building with AI.

The use case - AI Camp can be a valuable resource for product managers looking to acquire or deepen their understanding of the technical systems that make AI possible. By participating in their courses, product managers can gain hands-on experience with AI tools and methodologies, learn how to make data-driven decisions, and understand best practices for integrating AI into their products. They can also learn about creating AI products from a technical perspective, which can be particularly beneficial for those managing AI-centric products, those aiming to incorporate AI into their product portfolio or those hoping to become more technical. Furthermore, AI Camp's emphasis on building real-world AI products aligns with the product management practice of learning by doing, which could lead to more effective product development and management strategies. Lastly, given the opportunity to participate in internships at top companies, product managers could potentially establish industry connections and gain invaluable experience in managing AI in an enterprise context.

🧠 TensorFlow

Functional category - end-to-end ML platform

The product - TensorFlow is a comprehensive, end-to-end machine learning platform that accelerates tasks at every stage of your workflow. It enables you to create production-grade machine learning models with options to use pre-trained models or train your own. With solutions for every skill level, TensorFlow bridges the gap between research and production. It offers tools to prepare and load data, construct machine learning models, and implement MLOps. Moreover, TensorFlow allows you to deploy models on-premise, on-device, in the browser, or in the cloud, providing versatility and flexibility in your machine learning deployment.

The use case - for product managers, TensorFlow can be a crucial asset in solving real-world problems and building machine learning applications faster. Whether it's using pre-trained models from the TensorFlow Hub for rapid prototyping, or building custom models with TensorFlow Core for specific use-cases, TensorFlow can facilitate various stages of product development. This includes data preparation, model building, deployment, and maintenance. Its ability to deploy models anywhere and at any scale means it can be integrated with various product environments, from web applications to mobile and edge devices, and servers. Furthermore, TensorFlow's active global community offers a wealth of resources and expertise, which can be invaluable for product managers navigating the complex landscape of machine learning. This could lead to more efficient product development, optimized user experiences, and informed decision-making, empowered by machine learning.

📋 Collato

Functional category - data unification & knowledge base

The product - Collato is an AI-powered search engine designed specifically for product teams. It serves as a collective brain for your team, capable of finding distributed product information in an instant across all your tools. Its ability to offer immediate answers with minimal effort is what sets it apart.

The use case - Collato's features include a unified knowledge map that allows users to sync tools like Confluence, Jira, Figma, or Google Docs to a visual map. This eliminates information silos, enabling users to find everything in one place instead of manually searching through cluttered tool​s. For product managers dealing with information scattered across different platforms and tools, this is an awesome solution. It can streamline the process of finding information, whether it's for understanding user behavior, project planning, or decision-making. With its ability to connect various tools and provide quick, context-based search results, it can significantly cut down the time spent searching for internal information. Imagine how much less stressed you would be if you could close all those open tabs.

📉 DataRobot

Functional category - process documentation tool

The product - DataRobot offers a full-lifecycle AI platform that combines broad ecosystem interoperability with a team of AI experts. With offerings like collaborative experimentation experiences, assured governance and compliance, and broad enterprise ecosystem, DataRobot provides a robust platform for AI solutions deployment. It's trusted by 40% of the Fortune 50 and offers various deployment options including on a dedicated managed cloud, private cloud, on-premise or SaaS.

The use case - for anyone looking to incorporate AI into their product lifecycle, DataRobot could be a powerful asset. Whether it's employing AI for user behavior analysis, automating repetitive processes, or leveraging AI for predictive modeling, DataRobot’s platform can accelerate the integration of AI in product development and management. Its comprehensive platform and broad ecosystem interoperability mean it can be integrated with various data platforms, AI frameworks, DevOps tools, and business processes. This could lead to more efficient product management, optimized user experiences, and enhanced business decision-making.

📹 Pictory

Functional category - video editing tool

The product - Pictory AI is a comprehensive video marketing toolkit powered by advanced AI. It can transform long videos into short branded video snippets, turn scripts into high-conversion sales videos, transform blog posts into engaging videos, and automatically add captions to videos. With its ability to create videos from a variety of content formats, Pictory AI is a versatile tool for video content creation.

The use case - for product folks looking to leverage video content for their product marketing, Pictory AI offers a suite of AI-powered video creation tools. Whether it's creating engaging promotional videos from scripts or blog posts, generating micro-content from longer videos, or enhancing video accessibility with automatic captions, Pictory AI can help streamline the video creation and editing process. This can lead to improved user engagement, greater content reach, and ultimately, better product visibility.

📸 Secta Labs

Functional category - headshot generator

The product - Secta Labs offers a unique service, where their AI transforms regular photos into professional headshots. Users provide the AI with at least 25 of their favorite photos, and the AI generates hundreds of professional-looking headshots within an hour. With the ability to generate both professional and casual styles across a wide array of themes, Secta Labs ensures that you have a diverse range of headshots to choose from. In case you're not satisfied with the results, they offer a 100% money-back guarantee, and your photos are never shared with any third party.

The use case - for any professional in need of high-quality profile pictures for user interfaces, digital identities or their job search, Secta Labs could be an invaluable tool. It drastically simplifies the process of obtaining professional images. Whether it's for social media platforms, your LinkedIn, or any digital product that requires your picture, Secta Labs can provide a fast, efficient, and cost-effective solution for professional headshot generation.

🌍 Osher AI

Functional category - custom-trained chatbot

The product - Osher AI is an AI training platform that allows you to create a bespoke Business AI by scanning your website's domain and selected URLs. This AI, armed with knowledge from the selected sources, can then support your team, customer service, and business operations.

The use case - for product managers, Osher AI presents an opportunity to improve user experience and customer support. It can be used to create an AI-powered doc assistant, allowing users to engage with documentation in a more interactive and efficient way. This could lead to enhanced customer satisfaction, as users can get answers to their questions faster and with less friction (without relying on manual customer support). Additionally, it could make internal processes more efficient, as team members can use the AI to quickly access necessary information.

🔄 Reword

Functional category - AI editor

The product - Reword offers a refreshing take on AI-powered content creation. It's more of a co-pilot than a standalone content generator, using its understanding of your audience to suggest interesting content ideas as you write. It provides cited insights for you to integrate into your work, creating a deeper level of expertise in your articles. Additionally, Reword analyzes the reader intent that you're satisfying, helping ensure comprehensive topical coverage.

The use case - for those tasked with creating engaging and informative content, Reword could be a fantastic ally. Whether it's for blog posts, product updates, or instructional content, it’s a tool that helps ensure that your writing meets your audience's needs and interests. One feature I really like for content writing is Reword's topical coverage analysis - a way to speed up the process of hitting all the relevant points in a topic, making your content more comprehensive and effective & cutting down on time spent doing SEO research.

🖋️ Feathery AI

Functional category - AI form creation

The product - Feathery has long been a powerful tool for product teams, providing a convenient drag-and-drop builder for user onboarding, applications, payments, signups, and more. But with their new AI beta, Feathery has added a dimension to the form creation process. Simply enter a written prompt, and the AI will generate the corresponding form, complete with functioning logic. This is reminiscent of AI deck builders like Gamma, but with an added layer of functionality.

The use case - this upgrade is a game changer for product managers looking to streamline their user interface design process. With Feathery AI, prototyping and implementing forms becomes a breeze. Whether it's a signup form for a new feature or a checkout form for an e-commerce, this tool significantly reduces the time spent on design and deployment, allowing product teams to focus more on the core product.

🗓️ Taskade AI

Functional category - project management

The product - Taskade was already a great project management tool. But, the addition of their new AI helper has truly changed the game.

The use case - With task management, notes & docs, mind maps, & even video & chat all in one platform and now even more accessible with AI, it might just be the platform to rule them all for your project management needs.

🎥 Synthesia

Functional category - text-to-video AI avatars

The product - Synthesia enables you to create professional videos with text prompt-to-video. All you have to do is type in your text, then Synthesia will animate an AI avatar of your choice to give the appearance that they’re speaking your prompt.

The use case - quickly generate product how to’s and add a *human* face to tooltips with Synthesia’s text to video interface. Learn more about the use case here.

🎙️ ElevenLabs

Functional category - AI voice generator

The product - ElevenLabs claims to have created “the most realistic and versatile AI speech software, ever”, and I believe them. The unique wrinkle here is the ability to clone voices - including your own!

The use case - I could see this being super useful for voicing over product demos, sending quick voice memos to stakeholders, or even adding an extra layer of accessibility to tool tips and similar applications.

🎤 Oasis AI

Functional category - synthesizing voice into summarized text

The product - Oasis AI is a mobile app that automatically generates text from your speech. Sounds familiar right? But similarly to Fireflies, the real magic lies in the AI’s ability to translate raw input into something coherent and usable.

The use case - when i was experimenting with Oasis, I recorded a rambling voice note loosely explaining that we looked like we were on track to ship a hypothetical feature given enough bandwidth from our junior engineering team over the next month. Oasis was able to synthesize that information into a ton of useful (& not so useful) formats for me within about a minute, including a usable email to stakeholders, a blog post, and even a song.

🦋 Fireflies

Functional category - meeting summarizer/assistant

The product - Fireflies is an AI meeting assistant that records, transcribes, and summarizes meetings through Zoom, Google Meets and Microsoft Teams.

The use case - product management meetings tend to involve a lot of stakeholders and cover a lot of topics. Due to this, it can be hard to get actionable takeaways from meetings without dedicating a team member solely to taking notes. Fireflies changes that, not only will it do all the standard AI meeting assistant stuff, it also lists out actionables that it picks up from your meeting. And, much like a human assistant, if you have a specific question about the details of something that was mentioned during the meeting, all you have to do is ask Fireflies (for instance, “when was that follow up meeting supposed to be scheduled for again?”).

🗞️ Concise AI

Functional category - AI-generated daily newsfeed

The product - Concise is a daily newsfeed summary tool that allows you to select from a ton of relevant topics to prioritize the content you see. With its automatic article summaries, it’s like if every trending article was written by Axios.

The use case - for product people, I see this being a super valuable tool for shortening the amount of time required to stay in the loop on major trends in product, AI, and business news. The categories I’m personally subscribed to include artificial intelligence, productivity, and startups, but there are loads more relevant topics to choose from.


Functional category - project management

The product - there are a lot of AI-powered project management tools popping up right now. This one stood out due to its promise of “AI as your new teammate” and its substantial free tier (you’ll find I love an overpowered free tier more than anything).

The use case - for product managers struggling with staying on top of multiple projects, Ayanza could be a game-changer. Its AI-powered features help ensure that tasks are organized efficiently, deadlines are met, and team communication is smooth. By automating these processes, product managers can focus on strategy and innovation while being confident that their team is working in harmony.

🦦 Otter AI

Functional category - meeting summarizer/assistant

The product - Otter AI is an all-in-one AI meeting assistant that does more than just recording audio. It provides automated note-taking, slide capture, and comprehensive summary generation, streamlining the process of meeting documentation. Otter AI boasts advanced features such as voice recognition, speaker identification, and keyword extraction, making it an invaluable tool for post-meeting review and data collection. The platform is highly adaptable and can be integrated with popular communication tools for seamless operation.

The use case - for product managers tasked with coordinating multiple teams and projects, Otter AI could be a game-changer. Imagine being able to focus entirely on the discussion during a meeting, knowing that Otter AI is capturing every detail. Post-meeting, rather than manually creating meeting minutes and action items, product managers can rely on Otter AI's summaries. These can then be shared with the team, ensuring everyone is on the same page. Additionally, the keyword extraction feature can be used to quickly review discussions related to specific product features or customer feedback. This means product managers can efficiently track project progress, review decisions made, and ensure that all team members are aligned. This efficiency can ultimately lead to better product development cycles and improved team collaboration.

🏆 Winware

Functional category - AI GTM playbook generator

The product - Are you struggling with churn? Winware's AI is a powerful tool that analyzes your product usage data and pinpoints the experiences that contribute positively to achieving customer goals. The best part? No need to involve your data team.

The use case - Winware is perfect for product managers looking to optimize their product's user experience, drive engagement, and boost customer satisfaction. By identifying key factors that lead to customer success, product teams can streamline their focus, make data-driven decisions, and enhance their product's overall performance without overloading their data team.

📚 Cinnamon

Functional category - data extraction

The product - Cinnamon is an AI-powered document reader that automates data extraction from unstructured documents such as invoices, financial statements, and more. It tackles the challenges faced by businesses when dealing with repetitive tasks and saves millions of hours spent on manual document reading and processing.

The use case - companies across industries can benefit from Cinnamon’s ability to efficiently extract information from both handwritten and typed documents. By automating these time-consuming processes, businesses can reduce costs, speed up operations, and allocate their resources to more strategic tasks, ultimately enhancing overall productivity and performance.

🤔 Delibr AI

Functional category - AI PRD generator

The product - is an intelligent tool designed to help product managers effortlessly create PRDs (project requirement documents) using AI. It simplifies the process by asking you a few questions about your requirement and then generating the document based on your input. also offers readymade templates and can connect to your existing PRD database, effectively becoming your second 'product' brain.

The use case - for product managers who are tired of spending countless hours on creating clear and concise PRDs, is a game-changer. It streamlines the process and ensures that complex ideas are communicated effectively, allowing product managers to focus on more strategic tasks and ultimately drive their product's success.

🍭 Unwrap

Functional category - AI feedback aggregator & summarizer

The product - Unwrap is a comprehensive feedback management platform that consolidates all your customer input in one place. It uses advanced analytics to provide insights like granular sentiment changes, automated feedback tagging, and pattern recognition. Plus, you can search for specific feedback patterns, set up anomaly alerts, and even email customers in bulk when their concerns have been addressed!

The use case - Unwrap is perfect for product managers who need to stay on top of customer feedback in order to prioritize features and improvements - especially for PMs at large companies with a ton of distributed feedback. By having all feedback in one place and receiving automated insights, product managers can save time, make data-driven decisions, and maintain excellent customer communication.

🐝 Hiver

Functional category - customer support

The product - Hiver is an all-in-one customer support platform that integrates seamlessly with your Gmail inbox. This allows teams to manage multiple channels such as email, live chat, and phone all from the familiar Gmail interface. Hiver simplifies the assignment of business queries to team members and provides real-time visibility into the status of these queries and your team's workload.

The use case - Hiver is an excellent tool for product managers who are juggling multiple communication channels. It streamlines the process of managing customer queries and feedback, making it easier to assign tasks and keep track of progress. This, in turn, can lead to faster response times, better customer service, and improved products based on customer feedback. And since Hiver works right within Gmail, there's no need for extensive training - your team can hit the ground running.

💬 Deepgram

Functional category - AI transcription

The product - Deepgram is a robust AI transcription platform, designed to transform spoken language into readable, actionable data for both humans and machines. It offers a powerful transcription and speech understanding API, built specifically for developers, ensuring speedy and accurate speech-to-text and natural language understanding services.

The use case - Deepgram could be an invaluable tool for product people in industries where understanding and analyzing spoken language data is critical. It facilitates the process of converting real-time or pre-recorded speech into text, enabling the extraction of meaningful insights from customer feedback, user interviews, product testing sessions, and more. Its scalability ensures that as your business grows, your costs don't escalate proportionately, while maintaining accuracy. This offers product managers an efficient way to gather and analyze user feedback or other spoken data, aiding in making more informed, data-driven decisions.


Functional category - non-black box AI modeling

The product - is on a quest to demystify artificial intelligence. Their no-code platform, Artifice, is designed to train interpretable machine learning models, providing you with the power of complex models without the opacity. The platform's unique selling point is its transparency; it enables you to comprehend the reasoning behind your AI's predictions.

The use case - Artifice is a boon for product managers aiming to integrate AI into their products without losing sight of the decision-making process. This transparency is not only essential for trust-building but also facilitates deeper insights. Product managers can utilize these insights to refine their product strategies. Additionally, Artifice allows data scientists to constrain model outputs based on their domain knowledge, providing an extra layer of customization and control. This capability can be a game-changer in product development, where understanding and fine-tuning AI behaviors can make a significant difference.

✍️ Byword

Functional category - SEO-optimized content writing

The product - Byword is an advanced AI content generation platform trusted by over 10,000 marketers. It has the capability to produce high-quality, SEO-friendly content on a vast range of topics at scale. Along with generating content, Byword also creates up to four AI images to accompany each article, and its sophisticated algorithms can bypass all major AI detectors.

The use case - for product folks who are involved in content marketing and SEO strategy, Byword could be an invaluable asset. Whether you're creating content for your product pages, writing blog posts to engage your audience, or generating SEO-focused articles to improve your site's search engine ranking, Byword can help. Its ability to generate relevant images can also significantly reduce the time you spend on publishing, allowing you to focus more on your core product management tasks.

🔈 Speak

Functional category - AI transcription & summarization

The product - Speak is a powerful language data analysis tool designed to unlock insights from your audio, video, and text data quickly and without the need for coding. Whether it's qualitative research or marketing analysis, Speak enables easy individual and bulk uploading of data and offers automated transcription for audio and video content.

The use case - for product managers who need to conduct competitive analysis, customer research, or track market trends, Speak could become an indispensable tool. It allows you to efficiently convert casual conversations, customer interviews, focus group discussions, and even competitor webinars into actionable insights. Speak's potential to streamline data analysis can ultimately lead to stronger customer relationships and more informed decision-making.

🌊 Fathom

Functional category - meeting summarizer/assistant

The product - Fathom is an AI-powered tool that records, transcribes, highlights, and summarizes your meetings, allowing you to stay focused on the conversation rather than note-taking. What's more, it automatically syncs these call notes to your CRM system, ensuring all relevant information is neatly organized and easily accessible.

The use case - as a product person, Fathom could be your ultimate meeting companion. From internal team meetings, stakeholder meetings to client discussions, Fathom can help you retain critical information, follow up on action points, and maintain comprehensive records without missing a beat. It's like having an extra team member focused solely on capturing details, freeing you up to drive the conversation and make strategic decisions.


AI software tools provide a vital resource for product managers, enhancing their workflow, promoting creativity, and bolstering decision-making skills. These tools act as a valuable ally, conserving your energy, time, and possibly sparing you from stress-induced aging. With the realm of AI software and product management perpetually progressing, it's essential to stay informed about the newest developments and technologies. This preparedness will enable you to adeptly navigate any future challenges, be it a fleet of chatbots or a swarm of machine learning algorithms. Always remain inquisitive, maintain an open mind, and ensure you're adequately energized! Although the role of a product manager can be demanding, AI tools can certainly alleviate some of the burden.

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