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The best way to stay on top of incidents

Fit for your workflow

Managing incidents is a team effort, so the tool teams use must be flexible to fit each unique workflow.  Views give you full control over what you see and when you see it; whether you’re an engineer that only cares to hear about 500 errors causing incidents, or you’re an account executive wanting to keep a pulse on new users.

Reduce unnecessary noise

Monitoring and analytics are notoriously noisy notification experiences, delivering a lot of alarm without a lot of value. PlayerZero Views give you control over what hits your inbox, so you can keep your attention on the tasks that deserve your focus and act quick when something is on fire.

Set up in seconds

PlayerZero Views are easy to create and even easier to use.  As a team, you can see the Views of others across your team, and subscribe to them in kind. This creates transparency across different stakeholders and leads to a streamlined adoption process.

Stay close to your users

To enable growth, a team must stay close to their user and ensure a delightful experience. This can all come to a halt, however, when a user runs into a blocker in a key workflow. By creating user-specific Views, those on the team that enable user success will get alerted when the accounts they care about most are having a rough experience.
“We can prioritize real issues that are affecting our users without any unnecessary friction."
- Matt Gillette, Customer Success Lead @ Cyrano

Track with specificity

PlayerZero’s incident tracking capabilities range across distributed systems, from frontend and mobile to backend. With such a large territory to cover, it’s important that the engineering teams have an easy way to only get alerted for the issues that are related to their stack. Views give teams full capability to filter by dataset so they only receive  relevant notifications.
“I used to use LogRocket, but it didn’t give me the flexibility I needed... In today’s world, I don’t think I could live without PlayerZero.”
- James Rascoe, CTO & Founder @ eDataQuest

Align micro initiatives with macro goals

Every team has unique parameters by which they define a user. PlayerZero allows teams to filter by custom attributions in Views, so every team has full control over their notification experience.
“Having the flexibility to customize and segment is important for how our team prioritizes.”
- Eric Birdsall, Director of Engineering @ Qualia

Leverage your data to unlock growth

PlayerZero unites product, customer, and engineering data to tell a complete story about every incident.
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Case Study: Improving customer retention with PlayerZero

Cyrano leveraged PlayerZero to decrease the average time users spent uploading new media to their site by 5%, drastically improving their user experience and leading to a major increase in retention.

Learn more about how PlayerZero helped Cyrano boost their customer retention.
“This is the first thing [we] do every day. [We] look at the issues. [We} prioritize and share. It escalates quickly. And then I don't have to wait for four months to know that my user has this problem.”
CTO @ Cyrano
Gopal Koratana