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Monitor your mobile application with intent

Instrumentation as easy as 1-2-3...

All you have to do to instrument PlayerZero on your mobile application is install our package (4 lines of code and a wrapper) and you’ll get the full PlayerZero experience at your fingertips. Syncing your data between mobile, front end and back end is even simpler with our connectors.

Prioritize based on impact radius

Before PlayerZero, it was impossible to connect the user impact of an incident with the users affected and the severity of the impact. PlayerZero houses all this context in one simple and easy to use package. It’s part monitoring, part observability, part analytics and all about creating better outcomes for your users.

Full-stack mobile application monitoring

Maintain a functional & captivating mobile user experience by utilizing our unified platform for full-stack observability. Connect backend data and errors to actions and users on your web front end and mobile application to ensure smooth performance at all touch points.

Align technical metrics to business KPIs

Continuously improve your KPIs by correlating code performance with business indicators such as conversions and customer retention and keep your bottom line moving forward.
“PlayerZero assigns a dollar amount to each incident... It’s the first time I’ve thought of 'growth' and 'incident' in the same sentence.”
- David Asjesa, Senior Product Manager @Wayfair

Adopt in minutes, not weeks

With our simple implementation process for mobile, you can get up and running in the time it’d take you to finish reading other mobile monitoring platforms’ homepage. Plus, PlayerZero is SOC-2 type II certified and HIPAA compliant - meaning we abide by the highest standard for data protection & security.
"Being able to see the seeing the most impactful issues happening in our platform at all times is super useful.”
- Adam Szefer, Co-Founder & CTO, Gyfted

Get the full picture across your entire stack

Stay informed about React Native cross-platform applications and promptly assess their impact on both iOS and Android users. Gain insight into how back end performance relates to front end execution and optimize your entire product ecosystem with confidence.
"Unifying our monitoring stack and creating a single source of truth is a no-brainer."
- Kunal Jham, Spruce Health

Leverage your data to unlock growth

PlayerZero unites product, customer, and engineering data to tell a complete story about every incident.

A few of our favorite mobile Flows

A user’s first touch experience is often the most important, especially when a key indicator for your team’s success is time-to-value. Learn more about how teams are ensuring a streamlined onboarding experience using PlayerZero.
In the world of E-Commerce, nothing marks success like a successful checkout experience. Too often teams are unable to associate dropoff with technical issues happening behind the scenes. Until now. PlayerZero gives B2C teams the power to to take control of their funnel, from all angles.
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Case Study: Increasing conversions with PlayerZero

MaxRewards leverages PlayerZero to increase onboarding and subscription conversions while ensuring a safe, rewarding user experience.

Learn more about how PlayerZero helped MaxRewards boost their paid tier conversion rate and increase revenue.
"Aligning our business goals to how we monitor our application is crucial. Every issue that blocks our users costs MaxRewards, and more importantly our users, money."
Co-Founder & CEO, MaxRewards
Anik Kahn