PlayerZero for Frontend

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Monitor your front end with intent

Prioritize what matters, scope what doesn’t

Until now, monitoring has lacked actionability & product analytics has lacked context, but not anymore. PlayerZero connects the “what” to the “why” to show you the incidents in your front end application that are actually hurting user outcomes.

Get closer than ever to your users

Your users’ information lives in a CRM, but their actions, and the engineering context behind their experience live elsewhere. We connect all the dots for you - showing you who was impacted by an incident & how it changed their behavior so you can stay closer to your users than ever before.

End-to-end monitoring with real impact

Connect your entire product ecosystem with one unified web/mobile/backend monitoring experience. See how users interact with your application across different platforms and tell one cohesive story for every incident.

Monitor the most critical flows in your frontend

Nearly every front end error has the potential to become a user-facing incident - it can be incredibly difficult to prioritize fixes in all that noise. We cut through the noise, communicating the potential impact of incidents before they steal your customers. Configure flows corresponding to key user outcomes like onboarding, checkout, user upload and many more and prioritize based on user impact, not gut feeling.
“It's simple, straight to the point, and incredibly powerful.”
- Matt Gillette, Customer Success Lead @ Cyrano

Humanize your incident response workflow

Nobody likes being treated like just another number. That’s why we built PlayerZero with a user-centric approach that connects a face and name to the incidents impacting users in your front end. Accelerate the resolution of user-facing incidents, proactively identify performance issues before they impact your customers, and gain comprehensive insights into end-user behavior.
"I need our teams to empathize with our users during every decision making process and PlayerZero helps my product and engineering team prioritize human impact."
- Anik Kahn, CEO @ MaxRewards

Full engineering context at your fingertips

We collect a full report for each and every incident your users run into so your team doesn’t have to guess about how to reproduce it. Steps to reproduce, metadata reports, network logs, console logs, and storage states... all in one shareable package. Rapidly reproduce an incident for your engineering team with our automatically-captured devtools or easily connect to your favorite engineering monitoring provider to get even deeper insights.
“Our engineering team has everything they need to fix the problem.”
- Roxanna Pourzand, Product Manager @ DBT Labs

Leverage your data to unlock growth

PlayerZero unites product, customer, and engineering data to tell a complete story about every incident.

How our companies stay close to their users

A user’s first touch experience is often the most important, especially when a key indicator for your team’s success is time-to-value. Learn more about how teams are ensuring a streamlined onboarding experience using PlayerZero.
In the world of E-Commerce, nothing marks success like a successful checkout experience. Too often teams are unable to associate dropoff with technical issues happening behind the scenes. Until now. PlayerZero gives B2C teams the power to to take control of their funnel, from all angles.
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Case Study: Improving customer retention with PlayerZero

Cyrano leveraged PlayerZero to decrease the average time users spent uploading new media to their site by 5%, drastically improving their user experience and leading to a major increase in retention.

Learn more about how PlayerZero helped Cyrano boost their customer retention.
“This is the first thing [we] do every day. [We] look at the issues. [We} prioritize and share. It escalates quickly. And then I don't have to wait for four months to know that my user has this problem.”
CTO @ Cyrano
Gopal Koratana