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Monitor your product with intent

Leverage context to make faster, smarter decisions

The amount of data required to successfully weigh the impact of an incident can be overwhelming. PlayerZero collects and centralized everything you need to make smart decisions and defend them with confidence.

Collaborate with all disciplines on your team

Prioritization is always hard, especially when you have a multitude of stakeholders involved in the decision making process.  PlayerZero gives you a centralized place to digest critical inputs and collaborate about an appropriate response.

Stay connected to progress and recovery

PlayerZero helps you keep a watchful eye on an incident to ensure remediation, or get alerted if it continues to trend. This gives you a seamless way to stay connected to the issue and your users, without breaking stride on your normal workflow.

Build the flows that you care about

Creating a flow is as easy as selecting impactful user journeys and identifying the events and actions that best define them. By funneling in analytics and telemetry data already being captured by existing tooling, PlayerZero helps tell the entire story for the health of your application.
“This builder is kick***. Creating a Flow is super intuitive, and insights start coming back almost immediately.”
- Phil Balliet, Product and Design @ Eco

Get notified when users get blocked

PlayerZero is built to deliver value and eliminate the unnecessary noise often associated with monitoring. When a user is blocked on one of your key flows, you will receive an alert directly in the communication channel of choice.
“The most important things I need to be focused on is what’s broken and how do I unblock our users.”
- Connor Crane, Product Manager @ Clari

Dive deeper into the context behind the incident

You’ve found a problem, now what?! Flows not only surface the incidents that are wreaking havoc on your bottom line, but they point you towards the technical context your engineering team needs to fix them.
"PlayerZero completely eliminates the back and forth. All the information and context I need is right there, with no extra effort on my part."
- Roy Nehoran, Frontend Engineer @ Microsoft

Leverage your data to unlock growth

PlayerZero unites product, customer, and engineering data to tell a complete story about every incident.

A few of our favorite flows

A user’s first touch experience is often the most important, especially when a key indicator for your team’s success is time-to-value. Learn more about how teams are ensuring a streamlined onboarding experience using PlayerZero.
In the world of E-Commerce, nothing marks success like a successful checkout experience. Too often teams are unable to associate dropoff with technical issues happening behind the scenes. Until now. PlayerZero gives B2C teams the power to to take control of their funnel, from all angles.
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Case Study: Increasing conversions with PlayerZero

MaxRewards leverages PlayerZero to increase onboarding and subscription conversions while ensuring a safe, rewarding user experience.

Learn more about how PlayerZero helped MaxRewards boost their paid tier conversion rate and increase revenue.
"Aligning our business goals to how we monitor our application is crucial. Every issue that blocks our users costs MaxRewards, and more importantly our users, money."
Co-Founder & CEO, MaxRewards
Anik Kahn