There are two main ways to use the PlayerZero Intercom integration to optimize your support workflow: Allow a support team member to send a PlayerZero issue reporting button or automatically send a button to the user based on a message cue.

Send our button directly to a user experiencing issues

From the Intercom inbox, simply click the app icon and send the PlayerZero button:

On the other end, your user will receive a link back to submit the issue!

Automatically send our button with Operator

Add our button to a custom operator bot:

View within Intercom

On the user’s end, they will receive an automated PlayerZero upload button!


(Each of the steps are included in your normal onboarding process!)

  1. Login to PlayerZero
  2. Create a new project in PlayerZero
  3. Embed the PlayerZero Snippet to link your project to your application.
  4. Navigate to Settings > Integrations
  5. Click “Connect” in the Intercom integration section
  6. You will be redirected to the Intercom site where you can install!