Shareable Devtools are available for free in every plan until 2024 🎉

Make sure you have PlayerZero enabled in all the environments you want to use this feature in. Learn how to enable PlayerZero here.

PlayerZero gives you a direct line of technical communication to every user in your application. Take for example, a user is running into an issue that is blocking them from completeing a task – you can now easily ask them to trigger an upload. By doing this, PlayerZero will package their user session into a shareable, interactive reports so your engineering team can efficiently communicate about and debug the issue.

By default, the user session data will be stored locally on the user’s browser until they trigger the upload. At which point, they can send you the information that you need to solve the problem at hand. Read more here.

Quickstart: hit CMD + K (Mac) or CTRL + K (Windows) to share your first devtools link.

Options for triggering a session upload

In order to enable direct uploading, we have built a set of intuitive upload triggers, depending on the workflow that works best for your team!

  • PlayerZero widget: This widget is completely optional, but extremely functional. It can live at the bottom of your page in case any user or internal team member runs across an issue.
  • Key command shortcut: On a call with a user and want them to send up their devtools? Or maybe you don’t want the distraction of the widget living on your site? Just ask them to hit Command-K(Mac) or Ctrl+K(PC)!
  • Javascript API: We’ve given you the flexibility to capture these sessions from users in a way that best fits your existing workflow. You can prompt a user to share their devtools from a custom button using the playerzero.prompt() API.
  • Integrations: Support is your first line of defense, and for those companies that use Intercom, we’ve made it that much easier to ask your users for an PlayerZero issue report!

Retrieving the user’s session

The team can then jump into the upload report to learn more about the issue in question a unique. There are two unique ways to grab this specific session:

  • Copy and send the link directly from the upload experience
  • Go into the PlayerZero app and find it under “All Uploads”.

If monitoring is enabled for your project, devtools will actually link to the issues they contain. For example if a single user uploads a report, you’ll immediately be able to know how many other users ran into the same issue.

Auto-capturing devtools

If you have monitoring setup, we will automatically capture devtools when an issue happens so you have full context to fix it. You can enable monitoring on the Web Configuration