Data Collection


All data capturing processes can be configured by your team depending on your application and setup.

The two unique data capturing process directly relate to the key product workflows:

Automated Impact Capturing: PlayerZero automatically captures all user session data to build. This information allows p[0] to build predictive usage models and identify and analyze the impact of specific issues in your application.

Shared Devtools: PlayerZero does not collect any user data until permission is granted by the end user; all session information is held locally on the end user’s browser until they upload it onto our servers.

Along with manual and active session uploading controls, your team also has multiple levels of control through custom filtering. By default, PlayerZero will scrape PII data based on “projected” keys (names, CC info, SSN, passwords, etc). However, your team also has the ability to setup customer JSON key filters through configuration.

What information is recorded?

A website using PlayerZero may be recording any of the following information:

Interactions with your application:

  • Clicks
  • Scrolls
  • Hovers
  • Typing (see below for how we filter out many forms of sensitive information before it reaches our servers)
  • Pages visited
  • Session start time and duration
  • URL query parameters
  • Referrers
  • Script errors
  • Network requests and responses

The technical specifications of your user. Specifically, their:

  • Browser
  • Device type & operating system
  • Viewfinder size
  • IP address

How do you handle sensitive information?

PlayerZero has multiple levels of security and filtering in place to limit the type and amount of sensitive data that could potentially reach our servers.

Client Side Filtering

By default, PlayerZero filters our many forms of standard PII information directly on the browser before it is ever sent to our servers. For example, we use a series of industry standard regular expressions (text pattern matchers) and input types to preemptively filter out sensitive fields such as:

  • Credit card numbers
  • CVV codes
  • Social Security numbers
  • Email addresses
  • Telephone numbers

Domain Level Controls

You can also disable data collection from specific domains entirely. For example, you can configure our snippet to only collect information from your staging site and turn off recording entirely for your production site.

PII/PHI Filtering

For more information on custom JSON key filtering checkout the Web Configuration settings.