PlayerZero brings product analytics to the forefront of how your team understands, prioritizes, and fixes issues in your web application.

PlayerZero offers two main workflow solutions depending on your needs: Active issue monitoring and shareable devtools. To better understand the value of these experiences, let’s highlight some of the assets you can utilize to better understand what’s happening in your application.

Product Features

Impact-based prioritization

PlayerZero has the ability to tell you exactly what issues are happening in your application and the impact they have on the end user experience. How does PlayerZero measure impact? PlayerZero learns baseline usage patterns and leverages them to identify ‘significant’ behavior changes when an error is introduced in your application.

Issue overview

This high level picture of the problem can then be distilled down into individual session reports (see above), giving your team all the information they need to debug the issue.

Shareable Devtools

Full session overview:
PlayerZero gives you all the context you need when a user reports an issue (cursor movements, API mocks, etc.) so you can debug fast and build faster. Take it one step further and share a replay with your team, communicate in context, and validate fixes.

Devtools, screenshots and more:
Want to see what happened behind the curtain and source anomalies? PlayerZero logs and presents you with session and local storage, dom snapshots, network calls and console logs.

Key Workflows

Active Issue Monitoring

Users are in your application everyday and are often running into issues that would be hugely valuable to learn more about. You might be asking yourself questions like:

  • What issues are users running into?
  • How important are these issues?
  • What is result of these issues existing in my application?

With manual session report uploading, the data necessary to paint this picture does not exist - one off. But with PlayerZero’s automatic session uploading, you have everything you need

When a user runs into a programmatic issue, the user’s session report will be automatically uploaded to PlayerZero.

PlayerZero gives you a look into what’s happening in your application, broken down by the impact, areas of your application most affected.

Save “views”

We all care about interactions in the application on different levels… You can create filtered views that show you what matters most to your day-to-day.

Setup notifications

If an error falls within the filters of a particular view, and you are subscribed to that specific view, then you can setup notifications to stay involved.

Are you an engineer working on a specific area of the site? Create a view for that area and setup slack notification to bump you if something pops up!

Are you a customer success lead working closely with a big client? Create a view for that client and know about the issue before they do! Our user’s call this “delivering a white glove service”

PlayerZero is built to connect your entire team to quality like never before.

Manual Devtools Upload

PlayerZero gives you a direct line of technical communication to every user in your application. Take for example, a user is running into an issue that is blocking them from completing a task – you can now easily ask them to trigger an upload. By doing this, PlayerZero will package their user session into a shareable, interactive reports so your engineering team can efficiently communicate about and debug the issue.

By default, the user session data will be stored locally on the user’s browser until they trigger the upload. At which point, they can send you the information that you need to solve the problem at hand.

Options for triggering a session upload

In order to enable direct uploading, we have built a set of intuitive upload triggers, depending on the workflow that works best for your team!

  • PlayerZero widget: This widget is completely optional, but extremely functional. It can live at the bottom of your page in case any user or internal team member runs across an issue.
  • Key command shortcut: On a call with a user and want them to send up their session in a nice tidy report? Or maybe you don’t want the distraction of the widget living on your site? Just ask them to hit Command-K(Mac) or Ctrl+K(PC)!
  • Javascript API: We’ve given you the flexibility to capture these sessions from users in a way that best fits your existing workflow.
  • Integrations: Support is your first line of defense, and for those companies that use Intercom, we’ve made it that much easier to ask your users for an PlayerZero issue report!

Retrieving the user’s session

The team can then jump into the upload report to learn more about the issue in question a unique. There are two unique ways to grab this specific session:

  • Copy and send the link directly from the upload experience
  • Go into the PlayerZero app and find it under “All Uploads”.

If Trending Issues is setup for your team in PlayerZero, manually uploaded sessions becomes that much more valuable!

Note: If you have Trending Issues setup, the other option for better direct-to-user communication is that they can ping you and you can search through trending issues to identify the issue.