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Toolzz is the most innovative and modern distance learning platform on the market, giving companies the tools they need to build great websites and monetize.

Learn how Latin America’s biggest EAD website development is Powering “Education 4.0” with the help of PlayerZero.
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Inception and story

A Marketplace for Creators

Toolzz gives creators the power to distribute their educational material on a modern and intuitive platform. The human brain processes videos 60,000 times faster than it does text – Toolzz harnesses this power and enhances the learning experience using video, audio, text, and assessment resources; inspired by streaming platforms like Netflix, Spotify, Youtube and others

Toolzz utilizes a user-centric development process, all visual and cognitive elements are designed to enhance students' retention and application of concepts! With user-centricity in mind, they adopted PlayerZero. PlayerZero tells them when their users, and their user’s user, are running into an issue with the media creation process. When a user is blocked, they receive an alert and a full diagnostic breakdown on what’s causing the issue. It’s a faster way to find and fix issues that directly impact the creator’s experience.


Lat-Am EAD Learning Platform


Third-party integrations
Streamlining buy-in

Sell More, with Less

Toolzz is the ideal platform for content producers and educational institutions that want to monetize their online courses. Not only does it allow educators to design, build and host bespoke website experiences, but it also provides them with the tools to generate revenue through key upsell, subscription and checkout user journeys.

Monetizing is not typically second nature for educators. Their focus is on developing robust experiences that have a long lasting impact on their students. Putting their students at the center of their process is the priority, not getting them to put a credit card in or ensuring that their checkout flow is functioning. This is why Toolzz relies on tools to create an experience that maximize these middle of funnel conversions.

Toolzz uses PlayerZero to ensure these core financial flows are monitored at all times – it directly impacts their user’s ability to maintain a functioning business model. Every user that does not convert due to a technical bug could spell distaster for the companies that they support.

Delivering conversions for Toolzz users

Toolzz relies on PlayerZero to monitor the user journeys that matter most to their users.

iFood Decola

iFood Decola is iFood's knowledge platform. It has free courses, dynamic and aligned with the needs of partners. There are courses to leverage your team to boost your business.

B3 Education

B3's education hub, the stock exchange, offers courses on financial education, the market and investment, for beginners and more experienced investors.

Ágora Academy

Ágora Academy is a financial education platform that offers courses on finance, investments and management, aimed at all audiences, from beginner to advanced investor.
Increased subscription conversions
Video publishing blocker MTTR

"PlayerZero is important for our team to keep up with any issues our users have! We have a fully remote team working in many different timezones. Our users are also all over the world."

Founder and CEO,
Lucas Moraes

"With every new product release and major upgrade comes stress. PlayerZero allows us to keep a close eye on our application after deployment."

Product Owner,
Bruno Guideli
More than the frontend

Complex Applications

Cross Platform
Toolzz EAD experience spans seamlessly from web to mobile. For educators and students, this gives full flexibility for how and where they want to participate.


Toolzz Learning Management system and Learning Analytics platform consolidates everything in one place and track reports in real time. The creator has the power to better understand the success of their business to the most specific detail.

Toolzz Connect is the easiest and most cost-effective way for you to further customize your platform. There are more than 360 tools available for the user to integrate, giving educators every tool they might need to design a delightful experience for their students.
Where engineering and business make nice

A Framework to Drive the Business Forward

With PlayerZero’s user-centric quality data, everyone on the Toolzz team now speaks the same language, so each of them can confidently answer the question “how did an issue affect my users and what is the scale of this issue?” As the company grows, the implications of quality on different roles is unique, so arming every person, regardless of title with the correct information quickly helps everyone deliver on their specific goals.

PlayerZero allows the Toolzz team to stay in sync during the triaging and resolution process – all important updates and changes are reflected directly in the PlayerZero platform. Regardless of whether the team member is in customer success, engineering, or product, it’s easy for them to keep track of who is responsible for what and identify any issues or roadblocks that may be preventing progress.

In order to successfully prioritize quality across the organization, its imperative that the entire team has context when they need it, so they can make data-driven decisions based on the role they need to play in the process.
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