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MaxRewards is a financial technology company whose mission is to empower consumers to make smarter financial decisions. Their award-winning app helps users manage their credit card accounts and maximize their credit card rewards and savings.

Learn how MaxRewards utilizes PlayerZero’s need-based engineering monitoring to safely and securely ensure a smooth user experience.
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Inception and story

Maximizing Returns

Anik Khan, the CEO of MaxRewards, knows firsthand that earning travel rewards can be time-consuming and require a lot of effort. Despite this, he earned over $20,000 in rewards over the course of a few years. While it was financially worth it for him, he understands that many people don't want to go through the hassle. That's why he and his team created MaxRewards, an app that simplifies reward maximization for both beginners and experts.

The goal was to make the process easier for himself and also to share the benefits of reward maximization with the majority of Americans who are not credit card experts.


Average returns delivered to users


Annual rewards collected
The difference-maker

Simplified Complexity

MaxRewards helps users manage their credit card accounts and maximize their credit card rewards and savings.

Once a user has synced all of their cards in Max Rewards, the app accounts for all the nuances like revolving categories, bonus limits, and point valuations so you don’t have to. For the MaxRewards team, this set of features delivers a ton of value to their users. It also, however, creates a need for thorough oversite of functionality behind the scenes. MaxRewards leans on PlayerZero to ensure their product is running as expected.

PlayerZero gives MaxRewards full control over the software quality story. Where are the issues? How are users blocked? What should they prioritize? Before anything else, MaxRewards leans on PlayerZero to understand what they should care about and why. For a product like MaxRewards that deals with difficult workflows like Bank Connectors and CC aggregation, they needed a solution that simplifies and delivers value, rather than noise.

Monitoring key metrics

MaxRewards relies on PlayerZero to monitor the user journeys that matter most.

Bank connectors

Efficiency and synchronicity are the name of the game for MaxRewards. In order to deliver continuous, real time value, each user's information needs to be up-to-date and reliable, so they can make the most informed decisions possible. If, for whatever reason, a connector goes down, PlayerZero will alert Max rewards and surface all necessary context

Reward redemption

The value of MaxRewards is clear – give them your financial inputs and they will tell you where you can be saving and redeeming more. If a user is blocked during an attempt to take advantage of this value, it would result in dissatisfaction and likely churn. With PlayerZero, the MaxRewards team knows the instant the first user’s experience is disrupted.

Upsell conversions

As a business built on a subscription model, getting users to make the leap to a paid version of their product is essential. If there are any technical blockers inhibiting a user's ability to upgrade, PlayerZero will let them know the instant it happens.
Credit cards linked during account creation
MTTR for high impact issues
New users onboarded

"Aligning our business goals to how we monitor our application is crucial. Every issue that blocks our users costs MaxRewards, and more importantly our users, money."

Co-Founder and CEO,
Anik Kahn

"PlayerZero is a no-brainer, it's the first line of defense against engineering issues. We've looked at quite a few tools for observability, and PlayerZero is a must-have."

Co-Founder and CTO,
David Gao
Safety first

Security is the #1 priority

Trust with users and vendors is the most foundational piece of any startup, and it all starts with data security. For MaxRewards, they not only understand this, but they prioritize it – with top of the line encryption processes and data storage processes, they have multiple lines of defense. Part of this security stack is PlayerZero.

With SOC2 compliance and full flexibility over sensitive data management, MaxRewards can be confident that their monitoring tool of choice is one that not only prioritizes their user’s experience in the application, but also the security of their user’s data. Compliance and reputation are never in doubt with PlayerZero.
Centralized quality

The All-In-One Solution

Credit card centralization, spend and rewards tracking, automatic card detection and offer optimization... MaxRewards is the all-in one solution for users looking to simplify how they understand the value of their credit cards and reap the beliefs. All of their unique value propositions deliver differentiated workflows and experiences depending on the user’s end goal.

For the MaxRewards team to continuously deliver a top-of-the-line user experience, it requires all corners of the organization to be in perfect synchrony – all data must be digested and distributed in a way that is useful and actionable to everyone on the team. This is why PlayerZero is the perfect solution for helping connect the team in a meaningful way; it centralizes communication around quality.

Revenue-generating/retaining efforts are prioritized directly in PlayerZero, so each member knows what matters and when a technical issue is standing in the way. Each role can them independently work from PlayerZero, leveraging the platform from unique angles to continuously deliver value for themselves and their users.
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