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Gyfted uses AI and science to create the best possible fit for candidates looking to discover hybrid and remote job opportunities with great companies.

Learn how Gyfted leverages PlayerZero to increase conversions across their funnel and create lasting relationships between employees and employers.
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Inception and story

Better hiring = Better life

Gyfted takes a psychometric approach to optimizing job-person fit. By infusing personality in the matching process, along with the usual CV, experience and skills, Gyfted is making work a more enjoyable experience.

Typical sourcing platforms for recruiting lack the human approach. Through design and data standards, Gyfted leverages human-centered artificial intelligence to create better, data-driven and bias free recruiting tools to find candidates.


Active Applicants


Active Applicants
Built to scale

Optimizing conversions for applicants and employers

Gyfted is uniquely positioned as the middle-layer in the normally tension-filled process of recruiting and hiring.

Gyfted relies on PLG-driven applicant conversations to fuel their top-level sales. More potential hires in the ecosystem = more potential employers willing to acquire those users. As such, it is imperative that they have a pulse on a few key onboarding metrics to ensure the strength of their funnel.

With PlayerZero Flows, Gyfted is able to stay close to their users where it matters most. By defining the core user journeys correlated to key conversion metrics, they receive alerts from PlayerZero when high impact issues surface.

A recipe for success

Gyfted relies on PlayerZero to monitor the user journeys that matter most.

A recipe for success

Gyfted relies on PlayerZero to monitor the user journeys that matter most.

A recipe for success

Gyfted relies on PlayerZero to monitor the user journeys that matter most.

A model for success

Gyfted relies on PlayerZero to maintain the user journeys that matter most.
Identify the flow
Define the checkpoints
Monitor potential impact
Applicant journey conversions
Public quiz completions
MTTR for high impact issues

"Being able to see the seeing the most impactful issues happening in our platform at all times is super useful.”

Co-Founder and CTO,
Adam Szefer

“I use PlayerZero every Monday when doing sprint planning for the rest of the week.”

Full-stack developer,
Kacper Lubiszewski
Quality made effecient

A single source of truth

Gyfted relies on fully remote team to build their growing platform – successful outcomes rely on an efficient, asynchronous style of work that promotes meaningful participation around quality.

In order to successfully prioritize quality across the organization, its imperative that the entire team has context when they need it, so they can make data-driven decisions based on the role they need to play in the process.

With PlayerZero’s user-centric data, everyone on the Gyfted team now speaks the same language, so each of them can confidently answer the question “how did an issue affect my users and what is the scale of this issue?” As the company grows, the implications of quality on different roles is unique, so arming every person, regardless of title, with the correct information quickly helps everyone deliver on their specific goals.
Built to scale

Giving users a voice

Gyfted utilizes PlayerZero’s user-generated reporting feature to give every user a voice in the product quality process, a strategy that allows them to meaningfully scale their efforts as their user-base grows.

Every great company knows how important it is to stay close to the user. Building last relationships with your customers not only helps your bottom-line by reducing attrition,  but it offer an avenue for clarity and conversation during times of product oversight or indecision.

As the top layer of their Product Quality stack, PlayerZero gives Gyfted’s end-user an active role in insuring that their platform is performing as expected. With the click of a button, the end user can flag a specific issue within PlayerZero and deliver a notification to the Gyfted team.
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