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Cyrano is the fastest growing video solution in healthcare. Their end-to-end video platform delivers a simple, affordable and effective communication solution.

Learn how Cyrano utilizes PlayerZero to deliver a white-glove user experience to leaders in healthcare.
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Inception and story

Engaged Employees = Engaged Patients

Founders Andy Monin and Gopal Koratana first partnered in 2004 when they founded Vendormate. As they experienced hyper-growth, the two needed to ensure everyone was on the same page. Email wasn’t getting the job done and no other communication tool could meet all their needs.

So in 2016, Andy and Gopal set out to create a better way to engage employees, customers, and prospects through video. Since then, Cyrano has developed into the most robust enterprise video platform on the market, helping the healthcare industry and hospitals alike create secure, efficient, and affordable video strategies that meet all their communication needs.


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Videos published
Amplifying the user's voice

Every Leader Wants to be a Better Communicator

Asynchronous video is critical to building a successful communications strategy. It provides more flexibility and is more considerate of employee time. Video is also the best way for leaders to stay visible and connected as they share important news or information across large organizations.

In less “media advanced” industries, buy-in of new technology and strategy can be met with friction. Cyrano, however, believes that anyone can become an on-camera professional if approached the right way. With their solution, they revolutionize the video production process by streamlining tasks to lower the cost.

In order to achieve conviction from their users, the experience needs to be seamless from the very first use. Any bug that blocks disrupts a user experience, especially during the first 60 days, will be amplified in a market like this. For this reason, Cyrano leverages PlayerZero to stay in front of all user issues.

Monitoring key metrics

Cyrano relies on PlayerZero to monitor the user journeys that matter most.

New user onboarding

For companies like Cyrano that are deep in the health space, bringing on a new team can be a complex process – permissions and processes are all unique from one user to the next, and training users to use the tools successfully can present friction. Cyrano leverages PlayerZero to ensure the success of their users and build an optimal product experience.

Media upload

Cyrano’s robust creation hub is the perfect tool to deliver a gold-standard experience to their users, and they use PlayerZero to monitor all areas of the video creation process.

Communication channels

Whether it’s through the inbox feed or directly into the email inbox of their employees, health system leaders depend on Cyrano to be the mailman of their vision and voice.

With PlayerZero, Cyrano is able to clearly define core communication channels and closely monitor for drop-off due to technical blockers.
Issues root-caused in first hour
Percentage of team interacting with PlayerZero daily
Time spent by users uploading new media

"Every one of us, from me, to our CEO... to account managers...we are all log in to PlayerZero. This is the first thing they do every day. They look at the issues. They prioritize the share. It escalates quickly. And then I don't have to wait for four months to know that my user has this problem.”

Co-Founder and CTO,
Gopal Koratana

"I have never worked at an organization where Engineering and Success have been so in-sync, and it's all because of PlayerZero. We can prioritize real issues that are affecting our users without any unnecessary friction."

Customer Success Lead
Matt Gillette
Setup for success

Every standup starts with PlayerZero

An Informed video strategy is a successful video strategy – building a successful understanding of communication requires incremental progress, with constant reflection and detailed data for deep insights.

This is the same approach that Cyrano takes to its quality initiatives. With full user-centric data at their fingertips for every error that presents itself in their product, they are able to successfully prioritize and triage as a team. There is no stone left unturned.
Quality is a team sport

Bringing Customer Success into the quality conversation

Cyrano stays close to their users at every turn. The relationships they build with their clients is second to none, and it’s why they are trusted by health systems of all shapes and sizes.

PlayerZero makes executing a white-glove service easier for the Cyrano team– they know when a specific user runs into an issue, what it’s blocking them from doing, and what was happening behind the scenes. The customer success point of contact is then able to communicate directly with the user and give them a quick patch, while also staying in the loop with the engineering team as they dive into PlayerZero to root cause the issue.
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